Go West, Young woMan

We spend most of our lives trying to “get there”.

Trying to get the right job. Trying to find the perfect match. Trying to make more money. Trying to make "it". 

One of the truths we come to know, especially as a designer, is that each moment is there for us to make beautiful. How magnificent can we make the every day. Design it how you like it. See the beauty and grace in the mundane. Look at it from a different perspective. 

I ran across some old CDs that I had burned as backups from an old computer and ran across these beautiful pics I had taken on a trip up the west coast with my father in '06. Some of them still take my breath away despite the fact that I thought all my stuff was garbage while I was starting out in photography classes. We tend to always be our own worst critics as artists and creatives. 

I was able to salvage a few, though most were taken in low light with a snapshot camera, so I thought I would share the highlight reel. 

That trip, from Elko, Nevada, through the Sierra Nevadas, over to San Francisco and then up to cross the border into Canada, was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Such beauty experienced and lessons gleaned from those thousand some odd miles. 

The above image was of Lake Taho and the below is somewhere in the passes of the Sierra Nevadas. 

Sierra Nevadas-06-candice mcqueen

Once we reached the San Francisco and the massively impressive Golden Gate Bridge, we started up the Pacific Coast Highway (below). I could have sat and stared at those rocky shores for months without even a blink!

Pacific Coast Highway-06-candice mcqueen

The grand ol' Redwood Forrest is one of the most magical places I have ever stepped into. I felt like I was in the Ewok Adventure movie as a young Drew Barrymore hopping fallen trees and hiding from the dark side with little furry companions to protect me. It's downright bewitching. 

I'll forever relish these memories.

Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on how far we've come, what we learned, and what progress we've made, and sometimes we just need to look back and see how damn beautiful and perfect and good we actually were when we thought our work was shit. 

All the moments are beautiful. All your work is relevant. Keep creating and sharing.

redwood forest-06-candice mcqueen

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