Have An Affair

I am so in love with this idea.

No, I’m not talking about an extra-marital affair.

Let me explain…

I was introduced to this idea by Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic,” and I am so inspired by this notion.

She talks about having an affair with your work, like two lovers in the throws of a love affair.

Now if you aren’t partial to thinking about having an affair, no one said it had to be infidelity, just an affair to remember. Remember how it feels to meet someone new when it just sparks? Something engages, chemistry takes over, and you just have to spend every waking extra minute you can wring out of a day with that person?

You lose sleep.

You lose time.

You make time.

This is how it should be with your work, with your passion. You ache to spend time slipping away with it. “15 minutes in a stairwell” as she put it. Every second counts. On your lunch break, before breakfast, anything to just get your hands on it. It’s sexy and it makes you feel alive!

Often times we think of our work as a chore or a drudgery that we must do each day. We work and toil through it like a farmer steering a plough. But we shouldn’t think of it as the same tired old grind. We should think of it as a lover who wants to spend time with us. Who wants to stoke our passion so that it can live vibrantly.

Now let me say that especially for someone that is currently in the dating scene, this sounds like a magically alluring idea. Dating is difficult, especially in our digital dating paradigm, and to think that I can fully immerse myself in a love affair with my own work, with my own passions, now that’s a hot Friday night date to me! Dress up, fix your hair, put on makeup and perfume, and be something that creativity would want to be attracted to. Be enticing, and captivating; charm the muse!

I want to challenge you to have an affair this week with your work. With a passion of yours. Even if it’s only 15 minutes on your lunch break… lose yourself in it. Fall. In. Love. Again.