I'll Be Your Dixie Chicken

It's about 8 weeks from spring time and you know what that means?! It's time to get chicks!

As an aspiring chicken mamma for the last few years, this is the year. 

I've purchased chicks. 6 in fact. 4 was the original plan, named after The Golden Girls. But, 6 was the minimum purchase from the farm supply store. So 6 it is! Six In The City โ€” Sophia, Dorthy, Blanche, and Rose, with the last minute addition of Princess Laya and Meryl Peep. 

They are such cute little buggers and I've learned so much about being a day old chick mom. 

Such as temperature is very important- you have to make sure your little girls are at the right temp depending on how many weeks old they are. 

Picking a coop is hard! There are so many cute ones, but most that are affordable are too small for my six chicks. I ended up in a bit of a middle of the road compromise. I wanted a super cute and sightly house but didn't want to spend a fortune. I also didn't want to have an aneurysm trying to build the thing my self with one set of hands. I had faith that I could do it, but probably at the cost of my sanity and blood pressure, so I purchased one that is adorable and will add on to the size of the run for my gals as well as do some external fencing for extra protection from my pups. (Holly, my shepherd, currently looks at them like they are chicken nuggets.)   

Decide first what breeds you want because they all look toats adorbs when you see them in person. They also change a lot as they grow and look much different as their feathers start to come in. Some breeds are better for being cuddly and loving while others are bred for egg production. I covered the board from good layers to the super affectionate pet-like chicken. 

Enjoy every moment cause they grow up so fast! Said by any good mom ever. It's true. Over the last 2 weeks mine have changed in color, height, started to fly, and are developing individual personalities. 

Urban homesteading here we come! Do you want chicks of your own someday? Comment below with your future plans! I can't wait to hear!