Say Fuck It

That’s right.

Just say “Fuck it!” and then do it anyway.

Ever have that dark cloud of self doubt roll in and in it’s loud boombing voice ask who the hell you think you are to be doing this, or teaching this, or thinking that you are crazy to think you can accomplish that?

Well, when that happens, do it anyway. Even if there is radio silence when you do.

This lesson is more or less a reminder to myself to just do it anyway. What ever it is, and even if I completely change directions tomorrow… just say fuck it and do it.

Best case scenario- something good comes from it. You get a client, you get some eyes on your work, or you learn something.

Worst case scenario- nothing at all happens and you feel a bit of disappointment and a twinge of self doubt. You can still learn, in this case, how to overcome self doubt. Slap on some Elevation and Serenity and just get on with it.

The world doesn’t stop moving if you fail.

If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times, there would be no Starbucks. No frothy Mocha Latte for you, my friend.

Just look at it as being one more failure closer to number 243.

But what the hell do I do about it, you say? You still feel defeated and insecure, and like a big fat failure.

You have two choices. You make some adjustments and try it again, or you try something completely different.

There is a third choice, which is to do absolutely nothing. To try nothing at all new the rest of your life. Don’t create anything. Don’t sing. Don’t dance. Don’t paint. Don’t teach. Just enjoy a completely complacent existence. But I suspect you’re not that kind of person at all, really.

So… just say fuck it… and do it anyway.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.