Springing Forward: Preparing the Garden, Prepping Chicks, & Harvest Aprons

Winter is hanging on like Trump is hanging on to that comb-over. It's time to just let it go and shave that mofo off. Embrace the season of change. 

And since the weather here in east Tennessee is being bipolar, I've began to prepare the garden and start a few seedlings inside while we anxiously await warmer weather. 

Six In The City

The chickadees are growing ever so fast and they are getting rambunctious cooped up all the time. A large dog crate courtesy of my dear sister-in-law has helped tremendously giving the chicks some playtime to move about in. Hopefully only another week or so 'til the weather stays consistently above 50 at night. No more morning snowflakes please! 


Above Meryl Peep, Princess Laya, and Rose are beginning to explore life outside their little coop brooder. Once they had a taste of the big wide open, they were not very happy to have to go back into closed doors with their sisters. 


Backyard Harvest Aprons

The extended cold weather has given me some extra time to fit in some crafts for preparation of the upcoming harvest season. Harvest aprons are a must have for the backyard homesteader. I don't have a gigantic garden or 20 hens, but one of these aprons sure makes it easier to gather. This one is a single stitch crochet with thick black tweed. If you are in the market for a harvest apron for a fresh season, pop on over to pepperandhen.com. I'll be adding more over the next month.

What are you dong to prep for the upcoming spring season? Leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter for tips, tricks and info on living a creative life. Happy Harvesting!